drum solo artist


Pilot 502

231 drum sticks were broken
456 feet of drum tape used up
it took 5 days to record drums
for all 5 tracks and then
it went into mixing...
10 years later:
New music was recorded to accompany existing drum tracks 1, 3, 4 & 5 - because rhythm is the key and it never stops, even when there is a solo
- that's what PASHA says
Drum solos with non-stop rhythm and harmonic phrases throughout compositions

LP Release © 2019

PASHA is a drum solo artist who has developed Harmonic Drumming, Floating Feet and body balance drum techniques and needed hardware that can be utilized to extend a conventional drum set from a pure rhythmic instrument to a musical instrument that can perform complex melodies and harmonies.

Fan Comments:
"He sounds like multiple metronomes playing at you simultaneously..."

"Machine-like precision, outstanding performance..."

"The way you keep rhythm in so many places at the same time..."

"Its not just melodic drumming, but a complete harmonizing melodies on drums!"

"I thought that was impossible! - Good luck PASHA!"

LP Release © 2019