drum solo artist


Pilot 502

231 drum sticks were broken
456 feet of drum tape used up
it took 5 days to record drums
for all 5 tracks and then
it went into mixing...
10 years later:
New music was recorded to accompany existing drum tracks 1, 3, 4 & 5 - because rhythm is the key and it never stops, even when there is a solo
- that's what PASHA says
Drum solos with non-stop rhythm and harmonic phrases throughout compositions

LP Release © 2019

Taking it Beyond Rhythm

Modern drum set can be utilized to play a rhythm, a solo, or a rhythm and a solo simultaneously!

Two separate melodies vs rhythm and harmony

Taking approach utilized in organ, where player is performing 2 separate melodies using feet and arms, a drummer, is able to "keep the rhythm" while simultaneously accentuate, or play accompaniment to a lead musical voice by harmonizing a guitar lick or a vocal melody.

From harmonic drumming to a leading voice

"A drummer utilizing harmonic drumming can potentially become the leading voice in a musical composition."


LP Release © 2019